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Came with a comminuted (multiple pieces) clavicle fracture. This was a second opinion consult. Thankfully it was quickly apparent that I had a surgeon who be the answer.

Kind, thorough in a non rushed manner, excellent in explaining injury as well as repair & options, and considerate of ancillary staff.

I was impressed that he is does not utilize a physician’s assistant (PA) for patient care with his patients or certainly not in my case. This allows him to know his patient in the preoperative days, obviously in the OR performing the repair and, more importantly to me, postoperatively. He witnessed the healing, progression of the range of motion and eventually the return to full activity. Means alot to someone anxious to get back in the pool/ocean to swim confidently.

He was knowledgale in the current options availabe to repair my injury which was not evident in prior consultations from others.
He also on 2 occasions returned my call in the post op period in a timely manner. Office runs efficiently.

This physician delivers healthcare in the manner it should be. Excellent care while maintaining the dignity of the patient.

Cycle safely Doc…..we need ya!!!!!


Dr. Labovitch was very helpful in treating my shoulder tear. I would highly recommend him to other patients…. Thanks!


Amazing physician!! I recently had a recent fall while mountain biking the high sierra mountains and manage to fracture my leg, ankle, and wrist. Was a horrible day. After the ER I was referred to a ortho doc at Hoag Hospital which I went but the doctors were to busy flirting with the staff and talking about how much money they make. So I looked around and Dr. Labovitch showed up as a new M.D. in Newport. I went there and the staff was really nice and knew what they were doing. I was in pretty quick and he spent alot of time and effort into my case. He explained every option including surgery to rehabilitation, more than most of the docs I saw. I would highly recommend this physician to anybody who wants great care.


Dr. Labovitch took the time to really explain in detail my diagnosis and treatment options in ways I could understand them. I really appreciated the fact he gave me options and did not rush me to surgery. There are not to many doctors that take the time he did. I really felt he cared and I was not just another number in his practice. He is a great physician and surgeon and I will come to him for all my orthopedic needs.


Last year on September 29th, the night of my son’s wedding rehearsal dinner, I slipped on some wet grass. The fall resulted in multiple fractures to the right humerus and a right shoulder that was partially split, crushed and shattered. I had previously seen Dr. Warren Kramer for an unrelated issue but because of the severe trauma, I was referred to Dr. Labovitch. This doctor is the real deal!

I’m a CEO and I have come to expect excellence from the people around me. Dr. Labovitch not only exceeds that expectation but he sets the gold standard in the medical profession. He is an excellent surgeon (proven by rebuilding a very challenging shoulder) and a caring physician. During the post-surgery weeks, it was not uncommon to receive telephone calls from him at the end of his work day to check on my status. His patient care is always sincere and unyielding. Simply stated, he cares about his patients!

Yesterday was my final 1-year discharge visit. I have full range of motion and no negative effects from the injury. Dr. Labovitch made that happen. In hindsight, I can’t say that others would have been capable of meeting that goal.

Along with the warm, fun and absolutely competent team at his office, I will miss having Dr. Labovitch as one of my regular physicians. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of a highly skilled and extremely dedicated orthopaedic surgeon.

If you want a personal recommendation, call me direct at 800.492.5186. I will be happy to share my full sentiments.


Dr. Labovitch rocks!

He’s very thorough, and always makes time to listen to me. He has a great bedside manner, and he truly cares about his patients.

Besides being a fantastic Orthopedic surgeon, I like the fact that he really understands athletes and their “drive and determination” in getting back to preforming their particular sport.

I am 65 year old skier who recently fractured my tibial plateau “ski racing” in Colorado in January 2012. With the Doc’s great care and physical therapy, and a custom leg brace, I was back on the slopes skiing in Italy the first week of April 2012.

Thanks Doc for making this possible!

From an “old bag” who just can’t give up skiing! :-))


Wow. Today was my first-ever visit to this practice and I was majorly impressed with Dr. Labovich’s knowledge, bedside manner, and very thorough approach (he breaks down the plan and next-steps). Maybe I’m too corporate in wanting a clear and well-articulated plan, but those are things I value. Thank you to other Yelpers for helping me find this superb doctor!

ps – props to his staff who seemed on top of things. Not to sound jaded, but this is somewhat uncommon in my experience with medical practices.


Dr. Labovitch is one of the most genuine and caring people that I know. He’s also one hell of an orthopedic surgeon!!! I’ve been treating his patients for years and the surgical outcomes and quality of care delivered by him and his staff is top notch. I can honestly say that his patients sing nothing but praises about his thoroughness, clinical expertise, and genuine care for his patients. I’ve yet to see any complications with his surgeries. His surgical outcomes thrive due to his advanced surgical techniques and emphasis on physical therapy to quickly regain range of motion, strength, and functional mobility. He strongly believes in exhausting all conservative options before considering surgery unless it’s absolutely indicated. I strongly recommend him for your orthopedic needs. You will not be disappointed!


Dr. Labovitch is simply the BEST!!

I have unfortunately had 2 bone related injuries in the past 6 months. His expert treatment has been painless and put me back together beautifully. I always “interview” the doctors I go to and I could tell that he really LOVES science/tech – which to me translates into keeping up with the latest advances (I am a self-proclaimed Geek and that is important to me). I would only go to an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Athletes (and truth be told … is one) — they “get it” = don’t just fix the problem — get me back playing sports!! He has a great way with his patients and his office environment would remind one of Cheers ;~D

If all of that isn’t enough… The Kicker… he was referred to me by EVERYONE I talked to from my family Doctor to the emergency clinic! He is WELL respected in his field!!


This is an electronic gush about Dr. Labovitch – b/c I enjoy drawing attention to excellence!!!:

The PRO’s (what I appreciate and value):

  • If I could do a virtual collage about the goodness of heart he possesses, I would combine the following – Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman & Marcus Welby M.D. (yes some fictional but still good examples so you get my DRIFT)
  • Genuine Concern for the well being / health of his patients (and this is coming from an ex-auditor who can smell B.S. and insincerity from a mile away)
  • Down to earth nature – for a talented orthopedic surgeon with a pretty impressive background, he does not have any airs of snootiness/arrogance, but is the epitome of the word “NICE”
  • Seriously Accommodating – I had some questions regarding alternative options, and he could’ve just as easily sent me a terse email, but instead he made room in his busy schedule, to explain things face to face (really now…who does that?)

The CON’s:
– There are NONE!!!!

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