Personal Training and Coaching

Personal training programs educate the participants about various aspects of fitness conditioning by teaching proper techniques and habits. The advanced training methods help increase the fitness levels and motivation.

The objectives of personal training are to make the skeleton efficient structurally, stabilize the skeleton and load it appropriately to promote the linkage system. Therefore, personal trainers will incorporate joint alignment and movement as a part of the overall health plan for our musculoskeletal system. Also, flexibility is an important component of fitness and plays a great role in posture, movement and performance and is included in all exercise programs. Enhanced flexibility improves quality of life by reducing stress, muscular tension and cramps. Personal training provides different systems of flexibility training which are implemented at the optimal time during the exercise session to improve range of motion.

Improve Fitness Levels

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or increase flexibility, our doctors of physical therapy can develop strength and conditioning program that meets your individual fitness needs in a safe and efficient manner.

Post-Rehabilitation Fitness

Returning to exercise after sustaining an injury or undergoing surgery can be challenging, even potentially dangerous, without professional guidance. Following your successful rehabilitation, we can help you achieve your athletic and exercise-oriented goals that exist beyond your everyday functional needs, whether it means returning to your pre-injury fitness level or helping you get past that point.